Come and visit a natural paradise in Tacámbaro!

Tacámbaro is a place full of natural wonders that make it a perfect alternative to traditional tourism. There are extreme sports full of great excitement waiting for you so come and live your perfect weekend.
Ecological tourism is a way to visit places not jet altered by the human hand. It seeks to create a low impact tourism activity that is sustainable and more environmentally friendly.
Among the different attractions that Tacámbaro has to offer for lovers of outdoor activities there are:
“La alberca Rey Tacamba” (King Tacamba pool): An impressive volcanic crater with more than 2,460 feet in diameter, filled with water and surrounded by lush vegetation. For Purépecha people, it was considered a sacred place. Here you can fill yourself with peace, tranquility and become infected by the romanticism and mystery of its legends.
The pool is a volcanic crater lake, a very peculiar formation emerged within the caldera of an ancient volcano. A volcanic crater lake is formed by a volcano that has been inactive for a long time and receives an amount of rainwater that exceeds evaporation and filtration. Volcanic crater lakes are a wonders of nature. The experience of being in front of one is something unique from the very beginning.
It is not the only water area with tourist attraction in the region, “La Laguna de la Magdalena” (La Magdalena Lagoon) is another wonder that nature has offer, an ideal place to fish, swim or live an extreme experience in the zipline; Surround the lagoon enjoying a horseback ride, make use of the gazebo for a succulent picnic lunch and, if you wish, camp by the moonlight.
There is also the “Cerro Hueco”, an ecological park with a natural viewpoint from which you can have an incredible view of “Tierra Caliente”, large tracts of cultivated land and an extraordinary landscape of the town of Tacambaro. In the Cerro Hueco you can practice adventure sports, camp and even celebrate a birthday party with everything that nature has to give.
Following the line of natural wonders, there is also “La Cascada de Arroyo Frío” (Arroyo Frio waterfall) located just 10 minutes south of Tacámbaro, with a fall of more than 60 meters high located precisely in a place where the ecosystem changes from the mountains of cold weather to the dry landscape of “Tierra Caliente”. Here you can swim in the best pools of cold water in the region.
That’s not all, also located at north of Tacámbaro, there is “La Cascada de Santa Paula” (Santa Paula waterfall), which emerges at 80 meters high on summer days, an ideal place for a sedentary weekend, stay and camp to live the whole experience with the night sounds under the Moonlight.
Finally there is “La Cascada de Las Joyas” (Las Joyas waterfall), the largest one in the región, 120 meters high and an ideal place for adventure tourism, the perfect place for mountain biking and horseback riding with a landscape more than worth admiring.
Tacámbaro is a Mecca of natural wonders that make an unique experience from every second. Would you like to know more about this fantastic region? Come and live at Quinta Sauz the best experience of ecological tourism.


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